For the past few months, I’ve been toiling away on my latest project - a short documentary on the making of Jasmine Rae's new album If I Want To.

The record, which comes out today, is pretty sensational. You’ll struggle to find a better country album in Australia this year. It’s also Jasmine’s most personal record - she wrote twelve of the thirteen tracks, with a litany of co-scribes including the boys from McAlister Kemp, Victorian gentleman Rob Draper and Hitman of Music Row Bob DiPiero. The songs paint a picture of inner fortitude tested and strengthened by personal tragedy.

With such a personal story behind the album, I decided not to interview any of the co-writers and limit myself to Jasmine’s own words. This was more than sufficient. Two marathon interview sessions at an ABC recording studio and rehearsal hall left me with hours of articulate and moving rushes to assemble into a fifteen minute piece. I also had grabs of behind the scenes camcorder footage that Jasmine had managed to shoot herself while in the studio in Nashville and some live footage of Jasmine performing at this year’s CMC Rocks the Hunter festival.

The album stands well on its own, but I think this film provides a real insight into Jasmine’s creative process, and will leave you with an extra level of appreciation for what Jasmine and her super-producer, the superlative Luke Wooten, have achieved.

Also, you can buy the album (currently sitting at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart) now, so go do that HERE.

An extended (seventeen minute) version of the film is currently airing on the Country Music Channel. Here are the playing times:

Saturday 3/8/13
Sunday 4/8/13
Monday 5/8/13
Tuesday 6/8/13
Wednesday 7/8/13
Thursday 8/8/13
Friday 9/8/13